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Design servicesProject planning and specification

National Lifts’s traffic analysis and planning services and tools help to define the optimal amount of equipment and layout for different types of buildings.

Solution design

National Lifts provides easy-to-use tools and CAD drawings to help customers design the right solution for their needs. The award-winning National Lifts Design Collection gives customers the opportunity to select from a large collection of professionally designed elevator cars or create a customized elevator that suits any type of architecture

Construction servicesProject management and installation services

National Lifts’s experienced project management teams guarantee smooth coordination with all parties involved in the project National Lifts’s scaffold-less installation methods save installation time and costs.

Construction time use solutions

Construction time use solutions like the National Lifts JumpLift enable fast, safe, and cost-efficient transportation of people and goods during the building project.

Maintenance servicesMaintenance and monitoring

National Lifts offers maintenance and monitoring solutions that maximize reliability and safety while minimizing downtime and costs. The 24/7 National Lifts Support.

Spare parts

National Lifts stocks a wide range of spare parts for Lifts &  Elevator Controller and can also supply parts for equipment from own manufacturers.

Modernization servicesNational Lifts’s modernization solutions

National Lifts’s modernization solutions range from small upgrades to the full replacement of the elevators and doors. Modernization solutions improve the equipment’s safety, accessibility, performance, aesthetic appeal and eco-efficiency. National Lifts elevator modernization can increase the eco-efficiency of an elevator by 70%.

National Lifts - Innovating Technology™

The National Lifts - Innovating Technology™ is a unique service that analyses thoroughly the condition of an elevator. The service helps to plan what, when and how to modernize.